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Tomahawk 2019

The Evolution of Tradition



“The tomahawk was used for many, many things - cutting, for building, hunting and food preparation….


Only secondary was it used as a weapon….which is what most believe was its primary role. 


The tomahawk was one of the first multi-tools, used in many different ways for many different jobs….”

Chief Constance Big Eagle

Oceanman Band #69


OUR vision

Tomahawk is the industry leader in integrated, multi-disciplinary,

First Nations energy services


We are committed to First Nations ownership, community engagement, access to opportunity, and environmental stewardship


Our combination of world-class training initiatives and cutting-edge technology set a new standard for the energy industry 


OUR team

“I would like to change the way First Nations people and their businesses are viewed, the view needs to be strong and competitive. We want to give meaningful job opportunities with a focus of long term careers for Indigenous people.”

Derrick Big Eagle

President and CEO

“I want to be a part of creating long term employment opportunities. A place where a short-term employee is someone who has 10 years with the company. This creates great companies, and clients benefit as well as the employees.”

Steve Smith

Chief Operating Officer

“I’ve seen firsthand in one small community after another, when someone gets training in the Industry, and then finds regular employment, it convinces their friends and family it can be done, and it takes off from there, creating a ripple effect.”

Bill Crowe

VP Business Development and Indigenous Affairs

“I want to see Industry listen and respond positively and proactively to the social justice concerns that are paralyzing energy investment, opportunities for employment, and our national unity.”

Lance Fugate

President, Enmapp Pipeline Data