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Tomahawk Energy solutions



Tomahawk's combined construction experience spans decades.  Our dedication to safety and commitment to quality give our customers the confidence that they deserve. 

Tomahawk delivers field proven performance

Pipeline Integrity Digs

Oil Field Maintenance

Pump stations and LACT units

Environmental and remediation services


Technology and Innovation

Tomahawks commitment to technology provides significant value to all areas of our organization.  It provides opportunities for employment, it provides us with agility and efficiency as a service provider, it reduces our environmental footprint, and it provides measurable value to our customers.

Tomahawk provides cutting edge mapping and data collection services through its wholly owned geospatial and technology group;

enmapp pipeline data


Weld Mapping and Pipeline Construction As-builts

3D Pipeline

Digital Twin

Laser Scanning

Customized Mobile Data Collection Tools

Digital Twin - River Sample


Digital Twin - Pipeline Sample


Digital Twin - Facility Sample