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Privately held

first Nations ownership


Tomahawk has a deep understanding of the concerns that exist at the intersection of industry and Indigenous People.  We are committed to providing balance between energy industry goals and the benefits they can provide to First Nations Communities.  This begins at the ownership level.


Our unique ownership structure provides a significant and authentic approach:

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100% First Nations General Partner


Opportunities for First Nations equity partnership

First Nations Advisory Board

Community engagement programs


Training and Skills Development


Tomahawk's world-class service delivery is dependent on our people.  Our commitment to training and skills development is critical to creating the acumen, diversity, and performance that our customers demand.  

Our Training Promise

We will combine classroom, online, internship, and work placement strategies to establish a foundation for First Nations career development

We will be bold in challenging the status quo, including focused training programs for Indigenous Women and other under represented demographics

We will partner with First Nations Communities and industry to ensure that the best jobs are achievable to the local people most impacted by project development 


Technology and



Technology excites us at Tomahawk.

Technology empowers our people.

Technology is the great equalizer.


Tomahawk understands that the jobs of the future are going to be based in technology.  We remain vigilant in our approach and assessment of new innovations and how they can impact our efficiency, transparency, and value for our customers. 

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"All of nature is in us, all of us in nature . . ."

While the beliefs of First Nations People are diverse, respect for Mother Earth exists universally at the core.  Mother Earth is a living being - we cannot harm her without destroying ourselves.


Tomahawk recognizes the challenge in reconciling fossil fuel usage with environmental stewardship.  We won't hide from the challenge.


We work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are built to the highest quality standards, that they are safe, and that the most advanced technologies are deployed to ensure no harm comes to the earth in any areas we work.

Tomahawk remains focused on exploring green energy initiatives which may benefit from our skill, people, and shared vision.

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